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UQSF is pleased to announce a partnership with TT EURO.CUP the table tennis league. The сompetitions will kick off in Lviv, where two tournaments will take place daily from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm (UTC+2). Fans can catch all the exciting action via live streaming at

The TT EURO.CUP league was founded in Poland and has now expanded its reach across Europe, choosing Ukraine as its starting point. The league's goal is to create a full European Championship, and the inclusion of Ukrainian players is a significant step in that direction. The tournament organizer believes that the expansion of the league in Ukraine will provide an excellent opportunity for the strongest Ukrainian table tennis players to compete against some of the best athletes in Europe.

UQSF encourages everyone to follow the TT EURO.CUP tournaments and support their favorite players. It's an opportunity to watch Ukrainian athletes showcase their skills on the international stage and take on some of the best in Europe. The partnership with TT EURO.CUP provides an excellent opportunity for Ukrainian players to gain exposure, improve their skills, and make a name for themselves on the European table tennis scene.

In conclusion, UQSF is excited to welcome TT EURO.CUP is a new partner and wishes all the players the best of luck in the upcoming tournaments. Let's join together and cheer on our Ukrainian athletes as they compete in this fantastic event.


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