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TT EURO.CUP Finals Go International!

We're delighted to share some fantastic news with you! Exciting changes are coming to the TT EURO.CUP table tennis tournaments starting March 1st. You're about to witness a completely transformed tournament structure bound to greatly enhance viewer experience.

Here's what's new: Old seasonal format will now be replaced by a dynamic monthly structure. This means the tournament will now offer Daily Series, leading up to an exhilarating international Final. In the tournament culmination, the top two competitors from each division across two locations (Ukraine and Poland) will secure their spots in the final. There, they face off against the best from the opposing country.

These changes mark a significant leap forward for the TT EURO.CUP league. Not only will this enhance the tournament's appeal and global reach, but it will also provide athletes with more opportunities to hone their skills. They'll gain invaluable experience by competing and sharing knowledge with fellow participants from Ukraine and Poland.




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